Women’s CUT Perfect Balance Weighted Long Sleeve

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Our Perfect Balance Weighted Long Sleeve is designed to help you  comfortably burn calories and build muscle over time. The body of the top is comfortable and forgiving. You can wear our weighted long sleeve all day or during an entire workout. The arm compression allow the weights to sit fashionably and comfortably against the arms. We designed this top to activate your core and arms. When you walk, your arms will work with gravity to activate your core muscles. When you run or perform other activities like swimming, tennis, hockey, ping pong, or even folding clothes, you'll get more out of that activity. More toning, more stamina development, more calories burned. More. More. More!


  • Super comfortable to be worn all day or during an entire workout.
  • Breathable fabric, yes, you can wear it during HOT yoga!
  • Each arm has the capacity to hold up to four steady weights (two above the elbow and two above the wrist).
  • Yes, you can swim in this top. It is UVA and UVB protective.
  • If you want a zipper added to the top, send us an email, we can add this as a special order. 


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