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KILGOEAR Fitness is a weekly strategic workout program designed by doctors and elite master fitness trainers to address the specific strength training needs of athletes.

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World Class Training Available at Your Fingertips

KILOGEAR Fitness is a 52 week elite resistance strength training and conditioning tool that allows you to train anywhere, at any time. KILOGEAR Fitness unlocks the power of KILOGEAR by targeting key muscle groups to improve posture, core strength, mobility, stability, power and power endurance.

Improve Mobility, Stability and Core Strength

Targets and Develops Key Muscle Groups

Increases Power and Endurance


Irish Dance costumes can weigh over 5 pounds. Dancers typically do not train with "extra" load safely. This results in faster fatigue and poor performance.

  • → Designed by Doctors
  • → Incorporates Specific Exercise Movements
  • → Increases Muscle Activity
  • → 52 weeks long
  • → Each week 3 workouts are released
  • → Workouts average 30 mins long
  • → Workouts include 10 Rep based exercises each
  • → Increases overall body strength and helps reduces injuries

KILOGEAR Fitness works KILOGEAR to unlock next level training that is designed specifically for the elite Irish dancer. KILOGEAR Fitness is a year long program designed to address all functional and athletic areas of the Irish dancer. Our programs incorporate specific exercise movements that increase muscle activity and increase the level of intensity so dancers can be faster, jump higher, reduce injuries and be stronger for longer. KILOGEAR CUT enables dancers to perform at their peak for an entire performance.


Creates strong mind body connection, resulting in slower back swing and increases core strength, flexibility, mobility muscle stability and hip turnout.

→ Balance
→ Mobility
→ Stability
→ Driving Distance
→ Golf Swing


Activates all the muscle groups to orchestrate better full body coordination, power, lateral speed and endurance.

→ Shooting Force and Power
→ Quickness
→ Agility
→ Jumping Power
→ Muscular Endurance


Increases overall body strength so the dancer can dance at their peak for the entire performance.

→ Increase Physical Strength
→ Achieve Long and High Leg Extensions
→ Improved Turnout, Vertical Lift and Leap
→ Improved Posture and Mobility
→ Increased Stability & Balance


Increase player's explosiveness, lateral speed, hitting and serving strength and accuracy and muscular endurance.

→ Jumping Power
→ Mobility and Stability
→ Stronger Serves, Setting, Passing and Spiking
→ Stronger Upper Body Control
→ Increased muscular Endurance


Increase hand and foot speed, musclular endurance, explosiveness, and ability to stay on the fighter's toes.

→ Quickness
→ Punching Power and Accuracy
→ Explosive Strength and Power
→ Defensive Movements
→ Endurance and Stamina


Develops neglected muscle groups so the player can realize stronger throw-ins, kicks and realize explosive speed and power during en entire game.

→ Increased Kicking Power and Accuracy.
→ Explosive Speed
→ Increase Physical Strength and Throw-ins
→ Improved Mobility, Stability and Stamina.
→ Quickness.

Ice Hockey & Field Hockey

Improves Aerobic Fitness, Flexibility, Strength and Power, Speed, Body Fat, Agility.

→ Explosive Strength and Power.
→ Increased Lateral Movements.
→ Stronger Hitting and Receiving.
→ Mobility and Stability.


Develops neglected muscle groups critical to all field positions to include body control, functional strength, power and speed.

→ Increased Throwing Power.
→ Increased Agility, Mobility and Stability.
→ Explosive Let Power and Speed.
→ Improved Upper Body Control
→ Increased Quickness and Speed


Improves serves, returns, forehand, backhand, passing shots, volley and court coverage.

→ Increases Physical Strength for Improved Ball Control.
→ Endurance & Stamina.
→ Explosive Power and Speed.
→ Mobility and Stability.
→ Balance.


Improve how efficiently the body uses oxygen, creating a better runner while developing impressive strength to be able to overcome inertia during the start and develop explosive speed to win the race.

→ Develop Powerful Strides.
→ Increases explosive leg strength.
→Stronger Arm Control and Mobility.
→ Develops and helps correct posture.
→ Increases Stamina.

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